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  • Should You Use Trademarks for Startups?

    Do not miss the importance of trademarks, as they are very vital in protecting your brand. If you properly acquire trademark protection for your start-up, it would be secured and prevent other business owners from being able to use your name, tagline, or logos legally. If it happens that you didn’t secure the trademarks, other businesses have the right to use similar logos to yours. Here are some reasons why trademarks are essential for startups: 1. Creating a unique brand awareness Trademarks allow startup companies to secure their brand making their services unique in regard to the competitors. In this way, it avoids them to steal or copy your branding. 2. More employees to grow Having a trademark means a good reputation and more employees will happy to join your business. 3. Prevents legal problems in the future Not having trademarks let a business susceptible to lawsuits from other companies who are registered under the same name, logo, or design. If this happens, you will be forced to deal with the outcome including the campaign, website development, marketing efforts, and brand identity theft. 4. The Trademark is permanent It will stay for life and may only need regular renewal. Your brand will stay for decades and will continue to grow for a long period of time. 5. Business great asset It increases the value over time as your business start-up grows. It’s also beneficial for marketing efforts to improve brand recognition and gain more prospective customers. Once the business gained a good reputation, consumers will start associating with it. 6. Let them know you mean business A business that has a trademark let the world know that your business is existing and believes in its future success. Protecting what is worth, gives the consumers the idea that it’s valuable to invest or purchase in your business. Creating your own trademark should be a top priority for startups. Protect your business from any legal issues and focus on its success. It’s necessary to start securing a new business from the start in order to gain more benefits and avoid financial loss in the future. If you are interested in protecting your logo or design, contact us today.

  • What Is Brand Identity?

    Just how your personality makes you especially you, your brand identity is what makes your business stand out from the crowd. Your brand identity design is what builds your business. Basically, it’s the point where you and your customers meet. Your brand identity is what makes your customers recognize you instantly, and it’s what makes them come back. When people prefer your company’s products or services because you’ve created a strong brand identity, you also raise your brand image and increase brand awareness. Creating A Powerful Design Why is it so important to design and implement a well-developed brand identity? That’s because the design is the foundation of your brand identity. Your corporate design will determine how customers will perceive your brand. These tangible elements (things like your logo, website design, social media graphics, email design, business cards, uniform, and packaging) will accurately represent who you are as a brand. You need to have a clear brand purpose and positioning. By naming your target audience and differentiating yourself from the competition, you lay the groundwork for your brand to accomplish your purpose. Typography Typography refers to the font you choose for your branding materials. You can’t always use different fonts every time. Typography affects how people perceive your brand identity, your brand, and your messaging. As an essential element of brand identity design, you need to choose and set your fonts wisely. Color Palette It’s always pleasing to the eye when colors match or complement each other. Naturally, color plays a vital role in a company’s brand identity. Colors have meanings and psychological ties and this is especially true in building your brand identity. For example, if you want to be viewed as fun, accessible, and affordable, you can use the color yellow. Or if you want to be seen as sophisticated or modern, go for the classic black. A little research on colors will go a looong way. Forms and Shapes All logos have a shape. Although the differences seem subtle, the visual language that a shape communicates tells a lot about your brand. Think, a logo that is a circle and has soft edges is very different (and will get diverse reactions) from a logo that’s sharp and square. A circle logo can be seen as warm and gentle. While a square can be perceived as stable and strong. If you’re not confident with your art or design skills, you can always turn to a professional! With us at Trademark Art, you can take your business and ideas to the next level by using the original visual art designs and animations, adding musical and written content to create your one-of-a-kind brand.

  • independent artist platform What are we? We are a platform where independent artists can showcase and commission works of art, connect and collaborate with other artists, and provide businesses with branding concepts, ideas, and designs.

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  • Eli Helms | Trademark-Art

    Eli Helms My name is Eli Helms, and I am a fine artist and graphic designer. I view my artwork as an extension of my own emotions, and strive to always create compositions that are representative of important people, places, or feelings in my life. I studied a combination of video design and fine art in college at the University of North Carolina Asheville, and have recently graduated in May 2020 with a degree in New Media. As an oil painter, I like to depict nature, specifically flowers, plants, and pastoral scenes. My style is expressive while still retaining a sense of realism, with an emphasis on bright light and highly saturated colors, as well as thick textures and a somewhat impressionist treatment using a mixture of palette knives and brushes. My artistic style differs greatly in my graphic art, with an emphasis on clean modern design, limited colors, and tight illustrative linework. From simple logo designs to full video and animation compositions, my digital designs encompass a cleaner, more precise artistic style than my paintings, which I have used in applications such as brand creation and social media marketing as well as print and web design. Although my artwork spans a wide array of media, I look at every composition through the same design-oriented lens, and strive to create beautiful, eye catching compositions that encompass my driving passion for great art. ​ Specializes in: Oil Painting, Graphic Design, Logo Designs, Video Compositions, Animations Shop Heart Tattoo ©Eli Helms Walbournes ©Eli Helms Death ©Eli Helms Painting 1 ©Eli Helms Painting 2 ©Eli Helms Walbournes 2 ©Eli Helms Vector Illustration ©Eli Helms

  • Trademark-Art | Copyright Artwork | Logos

    Trademark-Art SM A Place where Art and Business Converge Our aim is to connect businesses that are looking to build their brand by creating logos, advertisements, marketing materials, commercials, and social media campaigns using the services offered by our array of talented artists. View More Join as an Artist Click Here to Subscribe for Trademark-Art Updates Featured Artists We offer marketing services for artists looking to advertise their work. Read More > Copyrights We offer legal services for those that want to copyright their intellectual property. Read More > Trademarks We offer legal services for those that want to trademark their intellectual property. Read More > Build-Your-Brand Build your own brand by selecting from our talented artists to create a one-of-a-kind brand for your business or other needs. Read More > Check out our Small Business Spotlight from Maryland Capital Women's Business Center below Maryland Capital WBC Spotlight

  • Ben Gardner Store

    Ben Gardner's Artwork Sample of Ben Gardner's Work Commissions Logo Design Commissions start at $50 Commission Form Crab ©Ben Gardner License Graphic Design ©Ben Gardner License Graphic Design ©Ben Gardner License Business Cards ©Ben Gardner License T-Shirt Designs ©Ben Gardner License Brochure ©Ben Gardner License

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