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Christopher Lynch

Have always regarded myself a true son of Maryland's Eastern Shore, it's sights, sounds, scents and sensations engraved upon my existence. This is not to say I am entirely a unrefined bumpkin, summers travelling with family across the contiguous United States, educator parents furnishing access to volumes of literature and enlistment in the United States Marine Corps during a time of tumult expanded my perspective of the world. A failed marriage, four attempts at college from three universities then the pitfalls of self employment have given a greater appreciation for life's small triumphs and the new love of my life. Once pen has gone to paper my two beautiful autistic sons guide my hand as sentences are woven into the body of modest literary endeavors, anecdotes from a life on the spectrum and romance with home, the Delmarva Peninsula. A Hemingway'esque craving to indulge all of the given senses I'd as soon read about the man, than by the man. Be it folly or philosophy when all else has lost meaning, we can count on the written word.

Specializes in: Creative Writing

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