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Build your own brand by selecting from our talented artists to create a one-of-a-kind brand for your business or other needs.


Fill out form for building-your-brand

Visual Component

Determine the medium of art you want to use for the visual aspect of your brand; i.e., graphic design, animation, portrait, photograph. 


Artist Selection

Choose the artist whose style matches your vision and choose to purchase or license an artist creation currently available on the platform OR commission the artist for a specific design.


Music Selection

 Choose from our Musicians to create and add a sound clip, song or instrumental piece to the visual component.  Choose to purchase or license music currently available on the platform OR commission the musician for a specific musical piece.


Written Content

 Choose from one of our creative writers or typographers to develop and write text for the creation. Commission the writer/typographer for your specific purpose.

Example of Build-Your-Brand
Animation: Abigail Bright
Music: Kent Lee

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