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Pechez Sepehri

Pechez was born in San Diego Ca. but raised in the Pacific Northwest with family in Oregon and Idaho where the wildlife and western Country lifestyle had a impact on her artwork. As a kid she drew on everything from wood to hollowed out eggshells. In High School, thanks to her art professor Mrs. Parks she got a Art scholarship to B.S.U. in Idaho. As an adult she had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S. and overseas and paint for private collectors. Painting mostly in oil paint she also has works in watercolor and Acrylic. Inspired as a kid by the works of Penny Anne Cross she painted many American Indian woman then her work evolved more towards the American cowgirl, these are represented in her P.M.S. series that play on her married initials and the female condition. In these works you will find the initials in some part of the painting. Some of her recent commissions include wildlife, such as the American Buffalo Bull that is on Permanent display at the Oregon Trail Interpretive center at Three Island State Park in Idaho. several of her commissioned series have sold to private collectors. Her paintings have been exhibited in International exhibitions, galleries and museums around the world and her prints are sellouts to her avid collectors. Today Pechez Lives and Paints Part time in Idaho and Part time Southern California.

Specializes in: Oil Painting, Watercolor, Acrylic

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