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Should You Use Trademarks for Startups?

Do not miss the importance of trademarks, as they are very vital in protecting your brand. If you properly acquire trademark protection for your start-up, it would be secured and prevent other business owners from being able to use your name, tagline, or logos legally. If it happens that you didn’t secure the trademarks, other businesses have the right to use similar logos to yours. Here are some reasons why trademarks are essential for startups:

1. Creating a unique brand awareness

Trademarks allow startup companies to secure their brand making their services unique in regard to the competitors. In this way, it avoids them to steal or copy your branding.

2. More employees to grow

Having a trademark means a good reputation and more employees will happy to join your business.

3. Prevents legal problems in the future

Not having trademarks let a business susceptible to lawsuits from other companies who are registered under the same name, logo, or design. If this happens, you will be forced to deal with the outcome including the campaign, website development, marketing efforts, and brand identity theft.

4. The Trademark is permanent

It will stay for life and may only need regular renewal. Your brand will stay for decades and will continue to grow for a long period of time.

5. Business great asset

It increases the value over time as your business start-up grows. It’s also beneficial for marketing efforts to improve brand recognition and gain more prospective customers. Once the business gained a good reputation, consumers will start associating with it.

6. Let them know you mean business

A business that has a trademark let the world know that your business is existing and believes in its future success. Protecting what is worth, gives the consumers the idea that it’s valuable to invest or purchase in your business.

Creating your own trademark should be a top priority for startups. Protect your business from any legal issues and focus on its success. It’s necessary to start securing a new business from the start in order to gain more benefits and avoid financial loss in the future. If you are interested in protecting your logo or design, contact us today.

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