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Eli Helms

My name is Eli Helms, and I am a fine artist and graphic designer. I view my artwork as an extension of my own emotions, and strive to always create compositions that are representative of important people, places, or feelings in my life. I studied a combination of video design and fine art in college at the University of North Carolina Asheville, and have recently graduated in May 2020 with a degree in New Media. As an oil painter, I like to depict nature, specifically flowers, plants, and pastoral scenes. My style is expressive while still retaining a sense of realism, with an emphasis on bright light and highly saturated colors, as well as thick textures and a somewhat impressionist treatment using a mixture of palette knives and brushes. My artistic style differs greatly in my graphic art, with an emphasis on clean modern design, limited colors, and tight illustrative linework. From simple logo designs to full video and animation compositions, my digital designs encompass a cleaner, more precise artistic style than my paintings, which I have used in applications such as brand creation and social media marketing as well as print and web design. Although my artwork spans a wide array of media, I look at every composition through the same design-oriented lens, and strive to create beautiful, eye catching compositions that encompass my driving passion for great art. 

Specializes in: Oil Painting, Graphic Design, Logo Designs, Video Compositions, Animations

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