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What do we do?

First of its kind, interactive platform where art and business converge. Featuring real artists specializing in all different mediums of art to create, develop, share, and design the art to match your business or creative needs. A place where artists and customers meet and interact. Artists generate one of a kind designs and logos available for purchase or license. These are not “stock” photos, logos or designs. These are unique, one of a kind, creations made and offered by our artists.

The artwork, designs and logos are not “templates”, so you know your design is uniquely yours. #CommissionOurArtists To provide further protection, all of our artists’ work is copyrighted and cannot be used by the general public. #ProtectYourArt For those interested in purchasing a design or logo to be used in connection with goods or services offered to the public, our company offers trademark application services at the federal level with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our artists have a wide variety of talents and are experienced in a wide variety of design and artistic disciplines. Select from among our animators, Storyboard Artists, Graphic Designers, Mixed Media Artists, Musicians, Song writers, Music Producers, Writers, Photographers, and Painters for all of your commercial, business, and personal needs. Whether you need content for advertising, website design, logo design, branding, animation, audio content, photography, written content, musical content, or other media or content, our purpose is to connect you or your business with the right creative talent. Select from among our artists for business design and content needs, personal needs such as custom media for celebrating special events or occasions, or commissioning an artist for special purpose projects. Our list of artists makes clear which discipline or creative space each of them works in, and also makes clear whether their work product can be licensed, purchased, and/or commissioned. In addition, we provide trademark and copyright registration services through The Law Office of Arlette Kelly Bright, P.C.

Take your business and ideas to the next level by using the original visual art designs and animations, adding musical and written content to create your one of a kind brand. For business customers or artists interested in protecting their creations, our lawyers offer trademark and copyright registration services at the federal level.

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