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Lady's in Waiting

Seasons approach the Delmarva Peninsula in the same manner four teenage girls would a handsome young beau, fickle, temperamental and easily distracted. Autumn nuzzles up all drawn butter, brown sugar, cinnamon with cider, the waning shards of warm sun headily intoxicating. Ignoring yule tide anticipation winter bullies her broad hips onto the lounge in time for those romantically inclined. Doggedly determined to stay at the dance until the Ides of March, boredom sets in sending her to a more receptive hemisphere. Now Spring saunters in, briefly twirling a curl upon that supple finger, playful with the lace about her skirt, lifting it ever so slightly yet never revealing her chastity, aloof she pirouettes away without so much as a kiss on the cheek. The sweltering pulse of Summer now arrives, presses itself upon your buxom suffocating apprehension, intensifying the senses, this lass stays longest, but never long enough, once exhausted gone announced. Life on Maryland's Atlantic Coast provides a kaleidoscope of seasons, just never know when you will get them. Still we remain surely in love...with this Eastern 'Shore life.

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